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Hotels in Saputara - Tourism portal about Hotels and Resorts in Saputara–a tourism portal provides you detailed information of Saputara Hotels and Resorts.Saputara is a saputara and a hill station municipality in the Dang district of Gujarat state in India. The place also houses some beautiful gardens and a museum. One of the main attractions of Saputara is the ‘Pushpak Ropeway’. It is considered the longest ropeway in the country and attracts a large number of children and young couples. There is a hill resort with hotels, parks, swimming pools, theatres and a museum. The hill resort of Saputara promises to refresh the tourists throughout the year with its cool weather.

Accommodation is easily available at Saputara. There are few hotels in Saputara besides the cottages and the log huts that offer a comfortable stay at Saputara. The hill station, Saputara rejuvenate the tourists throughout the year with its cool and snug weather. Any rough temperature variation is never seen in Saputara. Monsoon season gives Saputara a Delighting gorgeous green look, under the thick blanket of rain drops.  For food along with the hotels there are several restaurants and wayside stalls to cater to needs of the tourists to Saputara.

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